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Hourly Car Hire with Practical Car Club

Car Sharing Benefits

Our Car Club offers its members the ability to share a car located at one of our designated pick-up bays by booking it out only for the length of time required, by the hour. They are accessible 24/7 as long as they aren't already booked out by another member. Based on demand some bays provide multiple cars so you can easily acquire a vehicle for your desired dates and times. You unlock the car with your personal membership card and if necessary, fill it up using a fuel card though every car will have at least a quarter of a tank to begin with.

Individual and Household Membership

There are many reasons why our Car Club will appeal to individuals and households. The cost of purchasing, maintaining, taxing and insuring a car can dramatically impact the family budget, especially if additional cars are necessary to cover the day to day chores and activities. Are any of your cars parked up 90% of the time? Do you really need to run a car 365 days of the year? All of our cars are modern economical types and everything from keeping them clean to running them are completely our responsibility giving you hassle free reliable motoring. Once an individual has registered they can give consent for other drivers within the household to apply using our Household membership application form. Additional household drivers will require the individual's membership name and number.

Business and Employee Membership

Organisations can join and save a substantial amount of money by allowing their employees access to shared cars as opposed to running an expensive carpool fleet or having to hire cars for longer than is needed.


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